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Lavender & Eucalyptus swags
  • Lavender & Eucalyptus swags

    The perfect hostess, birthday or holiday gift, these beautiful swags work in many different ways for many people because you can customize!  The lavender is dried and smells lovely, but for the eucalyptus on the other hand - you have two choices.  Preserved eucalyptus will last a LONG time, but is less fragrant and not suitable for the shower.  Fresh eucalyptus is more fragrant, can be used in the shower, but will only last about 2 weeks before getting crispy.  


    1) Hang them with stems up on a door or wall as a fragrant greeting (recommend preserved euc).  
    2) Unbundle and display in a vase on the table (fresh or preserved).  
    3) Enjoy in the shower (must get fresh).  
    4)  Attach to a gift instead of a bow (fresh or preserved).


    Dimensions:  small approx. 8"W x 17"H  \  large approx. 14"W x 25"H 


    Available for shipping, delivery and pick up.


    Substitution:  At times the exact nature or colour of the ribbon, lavender or eucalyptus may vary from the photos displayed here. Thrive Flowerhouse reserves the right to make appropriate substitutions while keeping within the same style.

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