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about me

Faux & dried flowers

Circa 1986, artificial flowers were not very lifelike. But now... with better technology they're incredibly 

believable and GORGEOUS!  And dried flowers, well... they're having a moment and I love them equally!!

  • smaller carbon footprint​

  • no allergic reactions

  • no rotting leaves, no waste

  • arrangements made in advance

  • any flower, any season

  • cost effective - buy or rent

  • ​safer for pets and children

  • they last for years and years


Who uses

You know those lovely photos in magazines of outdoor family lunches in amazing back yards? Trailing wisteria and roses climbing nimbly up the garden wall... Well, those are aren't fresh. 

  • indoor & outdoor events

  • weddings

  • magazine & media shoots

  • restaurants

  • hotels & resorts

  • retail stores

  • scent-free offices

  • spas, clinics & hospitals

  • film sets

  • residential homes

  • real estate staging

Why I created

THRIVE Logo 040322 square w bg.png

Because The Virus took away our social connections for so long I needed to find another way to thrive.  That's where nature came in: I found myself taking walks and bike rides in the forest way more often, and it felt good. Why not bring that goodness inside! But since I'm also more conscious of waste now I wanted to experiment with flowers that you don't throw away, botanicals that last for years and still look pretty.  I wanted to hold on to the important things in all the chaos, and get rid of the things that didn't matter.  Please join me on this journey that will bring us all more joy and beauty!  

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