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Anahaw Palm, handmade
  • Anahaw Palm, handmade

    This is a replica of an anahaw palm made by me in my studio.  Though techinically not a dried product, it IS made of dried trees so it's still plant-based!  It's made of luxurious, thick recycled paper, either left as is in the case of the white option or painted with an antimicrobial, mildew resistant, 100% acrylic, low VOC paint.  This gives the palms a beautiful leathery finish. These are made to order so please allow up to 1 week for shipping or pick up.  Custom sizes can be made and bespoke colours gladly mixed - contact me with your ideas!


    Shipping, delivery and pick up available.


    2 sizes: 

    12" leaf  /  12" H x 9" W  /  overall approx. 21" H

    6" leaf  /  6"H x 5" W  /  overal approx. 15" H

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