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  • Transformation

    Since our physical bodies are mostly made up of water, the river represents humanity's course under the care, guidance and pull of the moon.  As the water tumbles over the cliff into freefall it discovers unknown parts of the collective subconcious and receives healing along with a spiritual cleanse that removes all negative energy.  The forest is the test that comes between what we know and what we want on the top of the mountain.  It contains mystery and unknown perils but ultimately transformation for all of humankind.  For you: what do the rocks in the river mean?  The shore?  The stars?


    Dimensions: 11x17"


    This is a museum-quality print on 200gsm bright white, textured, matte paper.  Prints have a 1" white border.


    Please contact me if you need a different size - happy to provide alternatives.


    Shipping available.

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