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  • Steadfast

    The mountain can represent your personal strength, your steadfastness, permission to just BE who you are instead of do, the rock inside you that endures even when fear, anger and betrayal run as rivers down your flanks.  Right now all the water has frozen into a peaceful blanket of snow, symbolizing security for those things that need it beneath, but also the purity and stillness we feel when we connect with our spirituality.  The flowers in the foreground represent what has been watered and grown from the runoff of your emotions: beauty, tranquility, feminine sexual nature and (re)birth.  For you: what does the sun mean?  The clouds?  The trees?


    This is a museum-quality print on 200gsm bright white, textured, matte paper.  Prints have a 1" white border.


    Please contact me if you need a different size - happy to provide alternatives.


    Shipping available.

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