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  • Calcite

    Calcite is a beautiful, unique crystal in that it has a special glossy surface even in its rough form.  It's excellent for when you're feeling exhausted or depleted; it's said to clean your energy and the energy in a room.  Some of the other things calcite can help with: insight, analysis, memory, studying and emotional intelligence.  It can also speed development and growth and help you put ideas into action. 


    Orange calcite may be beneficial if you feel emotionally unbalanced, fearful or suffer from depression, but it especially resonates with the root and sacral chakras helping with issues of the reporductive system, gallbladder and intestines.


    Shipping, delivery and pickup available.


    Dimensions: approx. 5"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H


    *The information provided here is for reference purposes only and is based on centuries of folklore, before the advent of modern medicine. It is not meant as medical information.

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