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Fresh Eucalyptus
  • Fresh Eucalyptus

    There's nothing quite like walking by a bunch of fresh eucalyptus and getting a hit of that fresh scent.  Get this large bunch for yourself or anyone else who revels in the fragrance of nature.  Use it in the shower, bundle it together for a hanging front door welcome, or display on the table in a pretty vase.  Lasts about 2 weeks, and then you can let the eucalyptus dry out to be displayed for as long as you like.  Bundles come wrapped in recyclable paper, tied with a reusable ribbon.  


    Dimensions vary but in the vase pictured: 30"W x 44"W x 36"H


    Available for delivery and pick up.


    Substitution:  At times the exact size, nature or colour of the eucalyptus may vary from the photos displayed here. Thrive Flowerhouse reserves the right to make appropriate substitutions while keeping within the same style.

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