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Agate slices
  • Agate slices

    Slices of heavan!  These coaster-size agates slabs are great on the coffee or dining table, under a vase or just THERE as a pretty reminder of just how magical our Earth truly is.  With glittery insides, clear spots and ice-like formations, these agates are literally one-of-a-kind pieces.  Collect them all!  Or buy them individually as colour pops. 


    Agate has the ability to stabilize physical energy.  It works slowly, is calming and very grounding.  It helps overcome negativity, balancing chi and encouraging self-acceptance.  Working with agate in the long term can lead to spritual growth, great strength and a sense of security.  It may be helpful in accepting love when placed over the heart.  On the abdomen it can aid the uterus, digestion and the stomach.


    Dimensions: varies but approx. 5" diam.

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