You can rent flowers?  Yes!  It's the greener alternative to fresh.  But I don't compromise on looks.  I use all dried, faux and preserved flowers to create the hyper real-looking, special floral piece(s) of your dreams.  That also means: no stress about timelines, no flowers wilting on the day, no topping them up with water, no vases getting knocked over and causing messes, no surprise flower substitutions, oh and no compost (or trying to figure out who to give all these flowers to after you've had a few glasses of wine and just want to get to bed.)   

See below

Suspended floral arch
5 day rental: $300 incl. installation


Tropical florals (balloons separate) with 5 small centre pieces 

5 day rental: $500 incl. installation

Micro wedding package

Deciding to go with dried and faux flowers for your wedding is the BEST decision!  You can enjoy your flowers for years to come if you decide to buy them. Or you could rent, a super sustainable option that also saves your budget. Our MICRO package is designed by you and THRIVE in collaboration, to get exactly what you want.  We send inspiration and approval pictures back and forth until it's 100%.  This package is assembled and dropped off at your chosen location, gratis, then you and your bridesmaids set them up.

1 bridal bouquet

1 bridesmaid bouquet

2 boutonierres

1 centrepiece or ceremony/reception garland


= buy for $700 + tax

or rent for $350 + tax